What today's leaders need to focus on?

Creating a good work culture is so important for producing great results for an organization. Leaders plays a major role in how people perceive the organization and steers it towards a successful path. More happier people are in your org, better it is for your bottomline. Squeezing your employees to their last breath is just going to leave everyone exhausted and add to your woes.
We all need to respect our colleagues, have compassion for employee's family/personal commitments, various schedules, and genuine situations like a traffic incident, or someone is just new to a team and needs orientation, or having health issues that prevented them from coming in to work, or a major life incident, bothering them or even someone is just having another rough day - A good leader should be able to accommodate people accordingly and readjust their expectations.
If you are still confused, take a stroll in a beach or take a nature walk and come back.
These things need to be on top of your list if you were to accomplish great results and be successful:
  • Fueling creative energy
  • Discovering tools and resources needed to get your job done. 
  • Being actionable and counting your time against measurable indicators.
  • Enabling a wonderful team culture - like happy hours, team retreats etc.
  • Rewarding your people frequently
  • Being fair 
  • Adjusting to business demands constantly and helping people understand it
  • Shaping your roadmaps
  • Being up to date with your competition and knowing how things are shifting. 
  • Counting your achievements
  • Improving processes
  • Building credibility among your peers and higher ups. 
  • Taking ownership to things that have fallen out or have failed
  • Being respectful of everyone around you 
  • Letting go of the blame game 


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