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Ways to move up the corporate ladder

Ways to move up the corporate ladder

It’s the number one thing in everyone’s mind, to make the next best move or move towards a higher compensation within your organization. If you are working for a small company or a large multinational organization, everything is process driven. Like how we need to be organized in our lives for things to work, so is the corporate world and they need a lot more organization and structure than we think. While the management is hell bent on getting more sales and improving the bottom line, there is less emphasis on how to motivate employees and train them to be better leaders and feel great about their jobs.

Its not an easy proposition – to squeeze 60-80 hours a week with all the challenges around work life balance, employee fitness, getting the insurance rates lowered, and creating a happy work culture. Happiness is relative, when you meet people at work – what makes one happy doesn’t make another. So a common paradigm to this problem is incentives, co…

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